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About Us

Company profile

YottaWatt is a young and dynamic company stemming from the experience of a team of researchers and designers with an extensive expertise in high-tech power solutions. Thanks to its three specialized departments Solar, Wind and Bio, YottaWatt eases the smart reaping of financial benefits from renewable energy sources. YottaWatt supplies medium to large photovoltaic and thermal solar power plants on ground and on industrial buildings, contributes to the development of highly automated biomass power plants and participates to the design of mini wind power plants.

YottaWatt guarantee for reliability and expertise lies in the thirty years of experience in power plants building of YottaWatt employees and experts as well as in the cooperation within well-established partnerships with market leader companies.

YottaWatt engineers, physicists and technicians are always aware of any new solution that appears in the global market and design power plants resorting to both well proven standard technologies as well as to innovative solutions based on the most advanced scientific and industrial research.



Ease and Independence

No more bills: power will be yours forever and YottaWatt will take care of the maintenance. In total transparency, YottaWatt provides you with the required tools to monitor your power consumption and production in real time in order to keep track of you savings. You will be the sole owner of your energy.


Thanks to the incentives for renewable energy sources, your power production will over-compensate your investment. Less carbon emissions for a power source that will never run out and that will generate a considerable return on investment. As a result of measure undetaken for the rational use of energy, your dependence on fossil fuels will be greatly reduced.

Consulting and Expertise

YottaWatt provides ongoing efficient power plant management and offers qualified emergency services throughout the power plant life cycle, without resorting to third party intervention.


YottaWatt team

YottaWatt stems from a team of researchers and experts in energy systems with complementary technical, scientific and managerial backgrounds. Thanks to the extensive professional experience of its technicians and experts, YottaWatt supplies the best solutions tailored to any technology, financial and construction requirements while complying with all special planning and administrative restrictions.

Stefano Venturini, PhD
Founder of YottaWatt, trained as a physicist, during his 10 years long stay in New York he gained start-ups management experience in many diverse areas (Internet, computer security, medical field). During such period, he held managerial and technical positions directing multidisciplinary teams and cooperating with research groups from top New York universities.

Michele Pozzi, PhD
In charge of YottaWatt technical design and project management, he is specialized in materials technology and owns a PhD in mecatronics. He was often involved in large and complex research projects at the international level and published several scientific papers in the sensors and materials sectors. He also worked as a technical consultant for several companies and universities.

Lamberto Venturini, Eng.
Co-founder of YottaWatt, he owns a degree in mechanical engineering and boasts more than forty years of experience in power plants construction. He supervised numerous building sites, was in charge of thermoelectric plants implementation at numerous international locations and worked as a consultant for top European companies leaders in the energy sector.

Marcello Russo, Electrical Technician
He has more than thirty years of experience in electro-mechanical industrial facilities fitting. Among the different positions he held, he was notably in charge of thermoelectric power plants start-up and acted as building site manager, site supervisor, and electrical-instrumental maintenance coordinator. He extensively masters low, medium and high voltage systems integration and maintenance.


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Contact us

YottaWatt s.r.l. - Renewable Energy Solutions

operational headquarters:

Via Umberto Giordano n°24
20093 Cologno Monzese (MI)

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel: [+39] 02.254.595.21


An Italian industrial cluster for the energy and the environment. [EnergyCluster.it]
Job Opportunity
YottaWatt is seeking sales agents in Italy to market its renewable energy solutions for the photovoltaic sector [...]