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YottaWatt Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

YottaWatt Energy Efficiency, the company branch dedicated to the rational use of heat and electricity, provides each customer with comprehensive services ranging from technical, financial and administrative consulting to the implementation of energy improvements operations in residential and industrial areas.
YottaWatt Energy Efficiency provides and manages heat metering systems for apartment buildings, implements energy efficiency improvements in buildings and global energy optimization projects for industrial processes.


Saving with energy

The initial investment in energy efficiency measures for a building redevelopment project is paid off thanks to incentives, tax breaks, savings on utility bills and increase of the value of the building interested by the project. The improvement in quality of life for the occupants is a plus difficult to quantify economically. The examples here after show the internal rate of return for an energy improvement project for a commercial building, a company building and a public administration building, with low, medium and high energy consumption.

rendimento YottaWatt

If the energy improvement project is financed through a loan, the incentives, tax breaks and savings on utility bills will not only compensate for the loan installments but will also generate positive return. In the examples here after, the simulation hypothesis is based on a fixed loan rate of 5.4%, while the present value of cumulated earnings as shown is based on an annual inflation rate of 2.5%.



Solutions and services

YottaWatt eases the beneficial enjoyment of energy improvement measures by coordinating the entire project, from site survey to implementation, taking care of all technical, logistic, administrative and financial aspects for the entire project life cycle. YottaWatt guarantees precise financial estimates and provides a qualified consulting service to check the full compliance with applicable legislations.

For your own benefit and peace of mind, YottaWatt Energy Efficiency takes care of the entire management of the Conto Termico promoted by the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici), of the Certificati Bianchi or tax deductions for building renovations and energy saving measures. YottaWatt Energy Efficiency pays special attention to any legislation and regulatory changes in addition to tracking regional funding opportunities.



YottaWatt Energy Efficiency offers solutions tailored to any requirement:

Improvement of buildings energy efficiency.
YottaWatt Energy Efficiency offers solutions for improving buildings energy efficiency that can meet the more stringent standards such as Minergie-A or CasaClima Oro.

Heat metering systems and boilers replacement.
For apartment buildings, YottaWatt Energy Efficiency provides heat metering solutions (direct or indirect). In addition, YottaWatt Energy Efficiency offers replacement of conventional boilers with heat pumps (both electric and gas) or condensing boilers.

Efficiency improvement of compressed air and refrigeration systems.
To ensure sound management of compressed air and refrigeration systems, YottaWatt Energy Efficiency offers analysis and global interventions aimed at reducing the impact of energy consumption of such facilities.

Upgrading of motors and installation of inverters.
YottaWatt Energy Efficiency offers to install high-efficiency electric motors and inverters for modulating motors speed to reduce energy consumption.

Rationalization of heat flows in production processes.
To perform a global energy optimization, YottaWatt Energy Efficiency analyzes heat production processes and implements projects that save thermal energy.

Quest for Technology

YottaWatt energy solutions employ the most efficient, innovative and cost-effective technologies [...]